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Bamboo Art & Craft Bamboo hand craft art is called bamboo handicrafts, this industry is called the Handicraft Industry. This industry is an industry related to our indian cultural heritage. In the ancient times, the business of our handicrafts and handloom industry was spread all over the world, but slowly, in the glow of modernity, all the industries that were part of our personal life ended and the mechanization work was filled up on handicrafts.

How useful is this handCraft bamboo art, perhaps this fact is not hidden from our economists, therefore, the realization of employment through these Handicraft Industry New opportunities can be provided. And employment generation can also be done, this industry does not need special area, this industry can be started in a small place or a small self. The most imporatant thing is that the perfection of the environment is favorable, which is very much needed in today's time.